Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Since I was 'tagged' by Amber and Sarah, here are my Christmas traditions :) (that most likely only you two will read) :

I remember a lot of stuff we did as a family around Christmas time, but very few of those we do still. Its strange how much things change over years and as my brothers and I have gotten older.

-When I was little I remember making cookies with my mom and listening to Steve Green and Amy Grant's Christmas tapes in the kitchen. :)
-During the day at some point on Christmas Eve we would watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.
-One tradition is that we would go to the Christmas Eve service at church.
-When we got back from the Christmas Eve service we would each open one gift.
-Christmas day, once everyone was up, we would open half of our presents and then open the other half when my Grandma came over.
-Then we would have a kind of Christmas brunch after we opened presents.
-And for the last two years Eric, Kristi, Collin, & Braeden would come over and open gifts with us Christmas morning.
-Sometimes we would catch the parade in time and watch that.
-Then either the day after or two days after Christmas we go to the Gustafson's (family friends) and have supper and exchange gifts with the Gustafson's and the Whitesides (other family friends from Florida).
-Then the next day we would have brunch with the Gustafsons and Whitesides before the Whitesides left for Florida.

But things are a little different this year. Aaron is in California with our Uncle Scott (my mom's brother) and won't be back until after Christmas. Probably will go to the Christmas Eve service at church by myself since Dad is on ambulance call and Mom is exhausted. Eric & Kristi and the boys might be coming tonight or tomorrow or sometime, not quite sure when we will see them. Most likely he will get an ambulance call at least once tonight and tomorrow on Christmas Day (that's kind of a tradition I guess, ha!). We still haven't put up all of our Christmas decorations, but I'm doing that in a couple of hours just incase Eric, Krist, & the boys come out tonight.

There's my family Christmas traditions I guess!!! hahaha, not really set traditions but oh well. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! :)

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Amber said...

Thanks for sharing. It's fun to see what everyone does.