Saturday, February 09, 2008

August Rush

Last night my hall (A3E) went to Fort Wayne to stay the night at my RA Cassie's house and go see a movie at the dollar theaters. I have never heard of a dollar theater before I came to Grace and I must say it is pretty amazing. My ticket was $1.50 and we all went to see August Rush. AMAZING movie!!!! The music in it is incredible and it has an awesome message about not giving up when everyone tells you your dreams won't happen. I would definately go and see the movie again (if i have money, i might buy it too). I am totally amazed by the music in it, so beautiful.

so there was a group of about four cars going last night. both of my RAs were in different cars, i drove (so i could come back at night for homework), and Rachel drove her car too. When we left the theaters, we lost Cassie and we followed Leah onto the wrong exit ramp. Not knowing this and thinking we were going the right way, Rachel and I both got in front of Leah. Leah ended up calling Rachel to tell her that she got off on the last exit because we were going the wrong way. Rachel calls me to tell me to get off the next exit and she will follow me. We drove for about 20min. and ended up EXACTLY where we started (we made a circle around the outside of Ft. Wayne). People in Rachel's car needed a drink and to go pee, so we stopped at Starbucks. Me and Paige stayed in my car while Rachel's car went inside, and it was a perfect opportunity to show our 'love' to them. :) me and paige took the left-over caution tape out of my car and wrapped Rachel's car with caution tape. They came out and saw what happened (laughing of course) and we ventured out to Cassie's house. We got there in about 35min. ok. I left about a half-hour later (Paige stayed and Jeanette came with me back home). Good times!!!

Well I need to do homework now (200 pages to read today!) but I just wanted to update my blog for those that read it (Amber and Sarah)!!!

Love ya!