Monday, May 18, 2009

Full Steam Ahead

Wow, it's been awhile since I have updated on here. Although, Amber and Sarah, you two are the only one's I know that read this.

I'm officially done with my first two years of college.
(I haven't let that sink in yet I guess)

I'm excited for next year though; a little nervous.... correction medium nervous, but really excited. Next year I will be an RA (Resident Assistant) on Alpha 3 West. It still seems weird that I am going to be an RA. lol. Wasn't that long ago I guess that I was struggling with whether or not I was supposed to be at Grace or somewhere else! Strange how that works out. But this last semester was a good semester; and actually this whole year was over all better than my freshmen year although there were some added frustrations and difficulties, it was overall better.

Right now I am in Joliet, IL for my first internship in youth ministry. I moved in on Wednesday and started my first official day on Thursday with youth group being that night. It has been great so far and I am thrilled for how everything else is going to pan out for the summer. Every now and then I get a little flustered and frustrated, but it has been good for me to encounter different personalities than me. I mean, I have been around people with different personalities back home and at school, but usually I have dealt with them in small doses or have had the opportunity to avoid those people. And luckily the personalities aren't too difficult, just stretching. :)

Already I have started some bonds with a couple of the kids here mostly because they will be going on the mission trip to New York but also because i have seen them the most between youth group and sunday. I was a little surprised, although surprised isn't the right word, of the pain that I saw on the kids' faces or just perceived from them. I mean I've been around kids with pain in their lives and have been with them through that pain, but I guess it's been awhile since I have truly perceived that pain on their faces and have felt that pain from just being around them (although they do hide that pain fairly well). And I've heard a couple of stories from the kids about some things that they are going through. Is there anything more frustrating and aggrivating than listening or watching a kid go through pain and not be able to do anything to shield them from that pain? I realize that I will encounter many situations like this since I am going into youth ministry as of now for the rest of my life. But on the brighter side, I am ecstatic about building relationships with the kids here! :)

I am going to be so drained at the end of this summer and then I will be going into a draining school year. I get done with my internship on August 6th and then I will pack up and move home someday either on the 7th or 8th. Then I need to unpack and re-pack because I am leaving on the 11th to go to Indiana. On the morning of the 12th I am leaving Winona Lake to go to Philly, PA for a youth ministry module class (my last one) from the 12th-18th. I guess we will get back late at night on the 18th. So then I will have a nice break on the 19th. Then on the 20th I move into the dorms, take CPR classes during the day and afternoon, and then late afternoon start RA training. Welcome Weekend is the weekend of August 28th and then I go straight into the school year.

If I start to focus on how busy I am and will be this year, I do start to feel overwhelmed. So for now, I am taking it one step at a time and enjoying each day and trying to make the best of it. :)
I will try to update better for next time!