Monday, November 17, 2008

First Snow Fall

Yesterday it snowed a little bit, mostly during youth group last night (youth group last night was pretty awesome, then to come outside with snow on my car and seeing my breath made me smile). but today i woke up and we had huge snow flakes falling outside, it was quite beautiful. but it melted pretty quickly after it fell, but supposedly we are supposed to get more snow this week or weekend.

this weekend im hanging out with my roomie for her birthday (her birthday is on monday, but i am taking a girl on our hall to ft. wayne to the doctor's office). i know for sure we are going to see the movie TWILIGHT. most, if not all, of the girls in my small group have been raving about it and all of the books. my friends back home too talked about the books this summer. i read the first book a couple of weekends ago and i thought it was good. intense, but good. depending on what it is like, i would like to watch it another time with the girls in my small group and then talk about it afterwards.

lately i have been wanting to travel. its odd, but it usually happens after youth group or on a Tuesday/Wednesday. i find myself thinking about just driving away from Grace to either Boston, Massachusetts or Portland, Oregon or even to Texas or California. its crazy, and i never thought i would do it. but the more i think about it, the more i want to do it and i start to plan it out. and i know at least three other girls who have said they would like to do it (i dont know if they actually would BUT. . . ) which makes it seem more possible. realistically i know its not smart to just leave a note saying "driving to Portland, be back later . . .much later", skipping a bunch of classes, and completely disregarding school and whatever obligations I have here. but the only thing i would regret missing would be my small group girls honestly. i dont know, it just sounds so tempting especially with all of the frustrations of school and what not. i doubt i will actually follow through with this idea, but its tempting and nice to just dream about.

im almost half-way done with my sophomore year in college. thats strange and i dont know how i feel about that yet. excited = yes. nervous = absolutely! but i think Thanksgiving break might help me calm down a bit.

two sundays ago, one of my friends on the hall and i were sitting in alpha dinning after youth group was over (she is a small group leader as well). we were just talking and hanging out and at some point got on the discussion of boys (imagine that!) and it turned somehow to me and how i have never dated. she meant it as an encouragement (which I understood) but instead it came out as what we call 'word vomit'. she ended up comparing me to one of her best guy friends back home who has never dated, and whom she said will most likely be single for his entire life. i was shocked at the words that came out, even though i knew what she intended to say. it caught me off guard and she apologized and said its not what she meant. i joke with her about it now, just cause she was trying to explain how special it will be for his girlfriend/wife to know that he never dated anyone but her (which is a sweet idea). but honestly the 'word vomit' did sting a little bit. BUT!!! i dealt with it much better than i think i would have originally if it had happened last year. and honestly, its nice not feeling the pressure from myself or others concerning guys (or the lack of). i am content and happy. just something i thought i would share with those whom i have previously shared my struggles and thoughts concerning thos areas. :) (thanks for your prayers!)

well time to do homework i suppose.

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