Sunday, September 28, 2008

Growing Up

A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned to the Jr. High youth pastor that I help with about being intersted in possibly doing an internship of some kind. And this past friday, the director of student ministries/senior high youth pastor approached me and said that the jr. high youth pastor had told him i was interested in doing an internship with the church. they both said that they would really like to have me for an intern and to discuss it further, which definately blew my mind at how positive they were about it! i am still excited at how positive they were about me being an intern with the youth group. now i dont know whether or not that will happen, but still, i feel very honored by what they said. and if it did work out, i think it would be an amazing experience and a really healthy growing expericence too.
so, if this worked out, i would most likely do the internship during the summer rather than during the school year. and my options would to either live with a family from the church or if i could find some friends to get an apartment with (which my roommate and i already started discussing and looking at apartments the 2nd week of school) then to share an apartment during that summer and into the school year.
even just entertaining the idea of getting my own place and supporting myself is exciting (which i can only assume will fade away once bills come!) for me to think about and try to plan out. eventually, i need to learn how to support myself because i really dont want to become one of those people that ends up on dr. phil because my parents cant get rid of their 40 year-old daughter out of their basement or from mooching off of them.
but its also so weird to think that i would be living here. honestly, i thought about living here once or twice last year in order to do an internship, but i wasnt that positive about the idea of living in this area or with certain people. but now, i can definately see myself living here and really getting plugged into the community and the church. but i still cant help but to think of how weird it would be to not see my family and friends that often during the summer & school year. thats just weird to think that i could be "moving on" (i dont really know a better choice of words than those) at all let alone so soon.
but i really, really like this church family a lot. i dont know that many people yet, but already i feel so comfortable and i do feel like a part of a family! i think the last time i felt like that with the body of Christ was when I first came to The Furnace. i really feel like this church, WCC, is my "home away from home" kind of a deal.

i have other things i would like to blog about but: (1) that would be way too long for this blog and (2) i dont have that much time to do so and (3) i really was supposed to be doing homework about 90 minutes ago! :)

until next time! :D


tony spranger said...

Nice to know that I can read your blog now :-)

tony spranger said...

The comment is from me-Amber...I'm using Tony's computer so I was logged in as him and didn't realize it.